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Our solvent-free black seed oil is cold-pressed to ensure the highest levels of nutrition and contains up to 4.6% active volatile oils (including over 1.6% thymoquinone) -- the highest amount available on the market. We personally use this oil for relief of headaches, joint pain and stress/anxiety. 

FRESHFIELD’S MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:  Our oil contains the highest levels of thymoquinone available in cold-pressed oils. We recommend using black seed oil for at least a month in order to realize the nutritional benefits. If however, you are not completely satisfied with your product, we offer a no-questions-asked 100% refund. Simply return your order and that’s it!

Using cold-pressed black seed oil can contribute to:

  • Healthier blood sugar levels
  • Healthier cardiovascular system
  • Better skin and hair health
  • Healthier digestive system
  • Management of blood sugar and blood pressure levels
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Reduction of joint pain, back pain & leg pain caused by inflammation

Why is cold-pressed black seed oil such a great supplement for joint pain, digestive and immune system support? Because black seed oil is a great source of nigellone, an anti-histamine compound, p-cymene, an anti-hyperalgesic, and thymoquinone, a strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent. Black cumin oil (another name for this oil) can help reduce pain caused by inflammation. Regularly using black seed oil (nigella sativa oil) is beneficial for those suffering with joint, back, and leg pain. It is also fantastic as a moisturizer or for helping treat tough skin conditions like eczema.



FIGHTS OSTEOARTHRITIS AND JOINT PAIN (P-CYMENE & THYMOQUINONE):  Black seed oil contains 30% p-cymene by weight. This terpene is anti-hyperalgesic (reduces sensitivity to pain) and, like thymoquinone, is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Studies have found black seed oil to be more effective then painkillers like ibuprofen at helping with joint pain, back pain, and leg pain.

IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH FOR A MORE ENJOYABLE LIFE:  Black seed oil is a balanced vegan omega 3-6-9 oil that helps support your digestive & immune systems, cardiovascular health and can help regulate blood sugar levels as well as lower your cholesterol. Black seed oil, as a herbal supplement, can be taken orally for digestive system and immune system support as well as to help with joint pain caused by inflammation.

GREAT AS A MOISTURIZER AND TO TREAT SKIN CONDITIONS LIKE ECZEMA:  Black seed oil, also known as nigella sativa oil or black cumin oil, can be used as a moisturizing oil, for the treatment of tough skin conditions and can even be used in your hair if you suffer from a dry scalp.

NATURALLY CONTAINS NIGELLONE & THYMOQUINONE:  Black seed oil (black cumin oil) naturally contains nigellone, a powerful anti-histamine and thymoquinone, known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. In studies, thymoquinone’s antioxidant effects have been shown to protect against heart, brain, liver and kidney damage as well as having possible anti-cancer effects.

100% Cold-Pressed Black Seed Oil (Nigella Sativa)

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