Our Mission


We are creators of the finest & purest natural nutritional supplements. Backed by science & not folklore, Freshfield offers high-quality products for people wanting to live healthy, active lifestyles.

Our strong belief is that nature can provide most of the sustaining, balancing, building and healing we need for our bodies and minds to perform at their absolute best. We've experienced firsthand the benefits of living a natural-based lifestyle and want to share our health-journeys with you.


We want to build a fun community around living healthy and would love to see our customers' lives improve dramatically through the products we sell. One of our core values is that natural health products need to be supported by science. Nutrition based on folklore is not a solid foundation for health. Also, and this is something that grinds our gears... MANY times, influential bloggers will create buzz around a product that promises a "cure" or treatment with absolutely no supporting research around the actual effectiveness of the product they are promoting. We equate this to selling snake oil.

Our promise is to support our Freshfield family with products backed by research.


Freshfield's roots began on a family farm in the vast expanse of the Canadian prairies. We grew up tending to our family's fields and learned to respect the hard work that went into producing nearly everything we consume. As a result, we sincerely value the farmers that grow and harvest the raw materials that go into our products.